Hana Shafi Aging Woes

In a society that often time tends to demonize the youth of the current generation as ungrateful, unappreciative hooligans who are degrading morality, we simultaneously idolize youthfulness. Everyone’s in this race to look younger, feel younger, act younger. We have to remove the wrinkles in our face and dress fancier and continue going to all the young hip hotspots. 

And it confuses me. Sure youthfulness is a wonderful thing. The idea of being young is characterized as being carefree, idealistic, and open to all possibilities. These are the qualities, possibly with the exception of any kind of uninformed idealism, that I would like to bring into my old age. I’ve been warned by my parents that old age will harden me and turn me bitter. I can only hope to avoid that transformation.

But aging doesn’t frighten me. Being old and not having accomplished anything I’m proud of in my life or being old and feeling utterly hopeless and depressed frightens me. But those are states that can happen whether you’re 25 or 55. Aging doesn’t frighten me. The onset of wrinkles and the loss of my young figure doesn’t frighten me. I consider these natural inevitabilities and I’d rather rock being a kick ass old lady rather than try and pose as some young 20 something when there will be a day when I am certainly not even close to that. At the risk of sounding cheesy, I can say that sitting on the front porch, old as fuck with the love of my life who will also be old as fuck seems like a pretty amazing thing; a scene only encouraged by a conversation I had with one of my professors, who said to this day he is still very much in love with his wife.

Besides, is our perception of youthful ecstasy even accurate. I’m at what some might consider to be one of the most ideal points in life and, to be completely honest, I’m not bright-eyed and euphoric and carefree. In fact, the youth of today, as criticized as we are, face enormous difficulties due to economic and political conditions exacerbated by the generations before us. Dear angry baby boomers, stop ragging on this so-called “ungrateful” generation, because they’re dealing with huge unemployment issues, student debt, inflated housing costs, and generally a far more expensive standard of living. So while we may strive for the carefreeness of youth, are young people in this day and age really that carefree?

Instead I see my old age (hopefully I get that far) being more carefree and way less stressful. I see myself happy with wrinkles, old handkerchiefs and all. Hey, if I get to live my dream of being an old couple living on the front porch overlooking an icy expanse (yes I like cold weather) then I’ll be fine with nothing being a hot young thing anymore. Aging is inevitable, you might as well make the most of it. 

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