Paul Parillo An End to AIDS?*

Thanks to some brilliant scientists, decades of work, and billions of dollars, we can now have unprotected sex with whoever we like! So go grab that homeless person trolling the bridges of your town and get cozy, because life has never been so informed and completely trouble free.

Two HIV patients in Boston were recently released from the hospital with no discernible traces of HIV in their blood. All it took was a simple bone marrow transplant (15% fatality rate) and some positive affirmations to finally rid their bloodstreams of this deadly virus. Sure, the procedure was expensive and would never be performed on healthy AIDS patients, but by golly, if this isn’t a triumph in medicine, I don’t know what is.

With the success of this incredibly selective bone marrow procedure, it’s no telling what the population is sexually capable of. Consequence has always been the mother of social and moral restriction, so on the brink of such a liberating medicinal front, I have no doubt there will be a sexual resurgence that will trump even the 60’s “free love” era.

Granted, this cure isn’t the “be all and end all,” but surely it’s a step in the right direction. I would even suggest that it’s worth a few sexual mistakes to find out. How cruel can a supposed celestial being be to give the human race such an abased and animalistic sexual genetic make-up, only to condemn our pleasure and natural instincts? Love should be free and without consequence; the barriers should be made by human beings who control the outcomes as opposed to a virus that turns rebellion into submission. Condoms, dental dams, and the Vatican have turned our sexuality into lab experiments – the very scientifically identifiable process that our innate spontaneity should be able to prevent.

But now we can look with positive sight into the future of this life saving cure. Perhaps one day you won’t have to face your partner and shamefully admit that you didn’t bring a condom, or stifle some tears when the doctor informs you that your body is shutting down and likely to perish sooner than you thought. For what seems like a unique predicament, science is here to give back to our bodies the ability to be natural and without chemical barriers, preventing our greatest instinct. 


Fantastic post.Never knew this, appreciate it for letting me know.

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