Hana Shafi Am I "Real" Enough For You?*

“Real women have curves!!!!”

Um, not helping. I understand the need to promote and encourage confidence in all body types, but you’re not taking this revolutionary step towards body-positivity if you’re shaming one kind of body to promote another. 

Yes, real women have curves. Real women also have no curves at all. I don’t think I can bear to see another dumbass share a picture of Marilyn Monroe saying, when did “this” become “this” with a picture of Kate Moss at her skinniest on the side. Wow, nice job. You’ve successfully made a skinny boobless chick feel shit about herself. Don’t tell skinny girls to “stop starving themselves!!” Assuming someone has an eating disorder doesn’t mean you’re some caring and observant individual, it means you’re a total asshole. 

It’s the same when people try and promote body-positivity while saying, “but you need to be healthy too,” and then beginning to say things that sounds a lot like fat-shaming. Of course we should all be healthy and I’m all for promoting excercise, but weight is not always an indicator of poor health. What’s worse is that such lines are usually followed by pictures suggesting that we all substitute our burgers for some organic panini. Here’s a reality check for you, truly healthy food is expensive. You can tell me to substitute my burger for an organic alfalfa sprout and quinoa salad when I can actually afford it.  

If you want people to start loving their bodies, you have to work on cutting two types of bullshit out: assuming someone is a “real woman” over someone else, and assuming someone’s lifestyle and health is automatically based on their weight. It’s not that black and white. (Hello, there are obese female weightlifters that are OLYMPIC. FUCKING. ATHLETHES. - Editor)

I know that this line may not be as catchy as “real women have curves!!” but I’d rather say that real women are whomever identifies as being a woman. Yeah, maybe that’s too long to fit on your shitty and unhelpful “motivational” Facebook poster, but I think I’ll trade in catchy phrases for actual body-positivity. No, I don’t have any curves, but I’m not a man or a cyborg, thank you very much. 


I have curves so I could totally use that line to my advantage, but I agree with you so much.

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