Hana Shafi The Art of Seduction, Through Texting?*

Hitting on someone has always been tricky business. Even for those who boast their “smooth moves” and indestructible swag (OK, sure), getting numbers doesn’t always go so well, even when you thought so and so’s body language and posture was totally beckoning you forth! And now, to make matters worse, getting the number becomes nothing compared to what you actually do with it. In our incredibly technology-dependent age, potential suitors, fuck-buddies - hell, whatever you wanna call them - must now master the art of flirtation via texting.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like there's some unspoken rule that if you were the last to text them in the conversation, they must initiate the texting the next day. It’s like people just cringe when they see two of their own texts side by side on the screen. Even if you had a totally normal reason to text them, you’re still plagued by the paranoia that you now seem creepy/clingy/needy. And speaking of cling-phobia, let’s be real here - we’ve all purposely waited a good 15 minutes before replying to seem aloof. 

Then there’s the actual structure of the text. Does “heyyyy” as opposed to “hey” signal some kind of sexual intent?  Of course sexting is a completely different territory, but I'm talking about the more subtle ways of implying that you're down to fuck.  Well, I think we can all agree that the winky face practically screams it. There’s no way you can interpret a “what’s up ;)” to mean that so and so is interested in a completely platonic relationship. Then there’s the dreaded smiley face. It’s kind of on the crossroads of they’re just a happy camper and they kind of want to flirt.

The key is not to rely on the texting. If that’s really where all the teasing and sexual tension is building, you might have a problem when you actually meet them and realize you can’t literally say “lol” if they make a joke that you don’t really find funny. 

Texting should be used to set up the date, then let all the fun stuff happen in person. And if the date goes horribly wrong, texting will come to your rescue in the end anyways. Fuck yeah awkward texting to your friends! 


It isn't anything inroptamt. Some phones have an option that some of their messages will always be marked as high priority, which just means that they will alert you more and they are supposed to be urgent. But if they text you all the time with it on then they probably just have it on. It isn't bad for your phone, it is normal for all phones. You can make a message high priority yourself by going to the options when you are typing a message, and there should be a menu option for high priority.

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