Moe Hunter Ask Moe: Do Men Appreciate my Panties?

Why is it that a good number of other men don’t appreciate it when a woman has a nice pair or panties/bra on?

Question submitted by mondosmusicbox

First off, you have a false assumption that men don’t appreciate it when a woman is wearing a new bra/panties.

You’re wrong.

I’d be hard-pressed to find a man that isn’t profoundly retarded who ignores his girlfriend coming home with a corset and a garter belt. Any man’s trousers would be around their ankles faster than you could say “German ball gag.”

I think that there’s a more important issue here that we need to address.

That is, where the hell do you get off judging other men.

Pierre Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada from 1964 -1984 said: “The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation.”

Paraphrased, “mind your own fucking business when it comes to other people’s sex lives."

Under the guise of chivalry and better morals, your attitude is inappropriate at best and intrusive at worst.

If you want to go around fingerpopping your teenage girlfriend and telling her how much you appreciate her new panties, go ahead. I wish you well.

But if you want to go around commenting on the inadequacies of fellow men, I wish you luck in a life that is sure to be full of social ostracization.

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