Moe Hunter Ask Moe: WTF Orgasms?

Many women don’t have their most intense orgasms until 40ish. Men at 20ish. WTF?

Question submitted by blanddiva11

Paraphilic infantilism is a biomedical term used to describe a condition wherein one gets sexually aroused by wearing diapers, and/or being taken care of. 

Now, there’s been little scientific research done on this condition, but I think that as weird as it sounds, it’s understandable. 

People like being taken care of. Especially men.

Here’s where evolution kicks in.

A hundred million years ago, men were hunter-gatherers and women were housekeepers-hookers. Men realized that if the girls were their age, they wouldn’t be as good caretakers as if they were older / more experienced. So they decided to only fuck cougars. Not actual cougars (far too risky). But like hot-older-women-cougars (less risky).

Anyways, fast forward a couple million years, and women have developed this ability to come like cheerleaders when they’re 40, as a function of who men would fuck in the Paleozoic Era.

In sum, call me.

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