Joe Thomson Should we Give a Shit about Celebrities' Personal Lives?

The debate over whether or not athletes are role models seems to wage on endlessly, with no answers and no resolution.

I believe the only reason an argument for athletes being role models exists is because adult males, who admire the exploits of men that have seemingly everything, project virtuous qualities onto flawed men, mostly in their twenties, thereby creating demigods.

Kids don’t care about the personal lives of their favourite athletes.  They don’t even know about them, irrespective of if they're in the media or not.  Kid’s aren’t watching Tiger Woods mea culpa on 60 minutes and shaking their heads in disappointment.  So who is the hero worship really for?

We use kids as our argument against the transgressions of athletes to make our personal judgments seem valid.

Kobe Bryant called someone a faggot? How dare he! Tiger Woods fucked around on his wife? Oh, the humanity!  Grow up.  Athletes and celebrities fuck who they want all the time because they can.

My simple sex equation goes something like: Opportunity + Penis=Sex.

While the shaming of athletes who cheat on their wives is now commonplace, the media misses almost every opportunity to inspect complex misdeeds that harm far more people than that of a wandering sportscock.  Athletes' personal beliefs are not questioned; their ideologies are sacred ground even though they have a pulpit from which to spew ignorant axioms.

Through all the moralizing and the hand wringing and disappointment, no one in the media has the guts to question Tim Tebow on his fervent support for a “faith” that promotes bigotry towards gays and women, leading to some of the most profound systemic hatred found in North America.  So we know it’s not the compassionate media coming out against evil.

Adding to this whole farce is the fact that every transgression must be followed by an apology which, most of the time, is little more than a thinly veiled attempt to keep a corporate image afloat.

We’re quickly becoming the age of apologies, one celebrity after another trotting out at the behest of their publicists to spew their “deepest and heartfelt” atonements.  Why is anyone owed an apology? Why do we have such a sense of entitlement over some just because they are famous?  We build up and break down and laugh at the downward spiral of the troubled, all the while forgetting they are human, because apparently they gave up that right when they “chose” their public professions. 

Look: I for one don’t give a shit if we want to treat our celebrities that way. It makes no difference to me because I have contempt for almost all humans regardless of fame.  What I do have a problem with is a duplicitous culture promoting some ultimate morality and then joyously watching as those who we purport to be the “best of us” fail to live up to our standards.


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