Hana Shafi Bad Night, Good Friends

The true test of friendship is seeing who's there to hold your hair back when you're drunk and projectile vomiting across a room. Or when you’ve lost your entire wallet and a friend still manages to get you laughing so hard that you’re crying. Or basically when your friends see you at your most hysterical, frenzied, and stressed out worst, and are somehow not completely perplexed as to why they spend time with you. As you could probably tell by the sentences above, November was not kind to me.

As much as going out and having a great night makes for bright memories and bonding opportunities, nothing solidifies a friendship or relationship like having the worst time EVER. So hey, maybe that projectile vomiting actually did give me some valuable insight: a) that people can be super compassionate and non-judgmental and b) never forget to drink lots of water. 

Fuck-ups and general bad luck have a silver lining: they allow you to differentiate between the people who you can’t trust for shit, and the people who you really need to hold on to. It’s easy to feel like you can connect with someone when everything is going perfectly, but the minute something goes wrong, those who are only interested in partying with you or mooching off you or are generally inconsiderate douchebags bordering on sociopaths become obvious. It’s like that toothpaste they make for kids where your plaque glows blue. So yeah, the assholes basically start glowing blue... in a metaphorical sort of way.

It also works the other way around: if you’re around someone who’s having a terrible time, how they act can say a lot about their character. Now, that needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Obviously someone who’s having shit-tastic night might say or do things that they usually wouldn’t. But if you’re with someone who’s having a bad time and they decide they’re gonna lash out on you and everyone in the vicinity, well, you might be wise to consider some new company. In other cases, you get to see a more vulnerable side to that person, which can be refreshing, considering how often people may put up a front to hide what’s been on their mind or are afraid to show any signs of “weakness.” 

So the next time your night goes so badly that you’re pretty sure you can never show your face at that bar again, look on the bright side: those employees may think you’re bat shit crazy, but at least those awesome friends of yours aren’t embarrassed to be seen in public with you... At least, not too embarrassed that is. Hooray, friendship!

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