Paul Parillo Be proud of your fetish

Be proud of your fetish, whatever it is! Be thankful your body and mind have devised a sexual uniqueness that keeps you happy. Embrace whatever oddity sets you apart and when/if you have the confidence, flaunt it like a fat flamingo. And just when you think the world couldn’t get any better, revel in the awesomeness of sharing that fetish with a friend – while maybe discovering a new one in the process. It’s such a beautiful thought, that I just might let these tears drop onto my flaccid penis.

For all you voyeurs in the library that I’m constantly seeing watching guys masturbate in chatrooms – I see you looking guilty and afraid of being caught. Don’t shy away - stare at that random dude’s dick until it starts raining children. Just be wary of the kindergarten students sitting six feet away from you – their teacher is reading them a story, and unless the dick on your computer screen is the damsel in distress, perhaps you could minimize the window until they leave.

Hey you, I heard you like some vicious sadomasochism, that’s cool! Bleed yourself and yours through the menagerie of whips, gags and ropes that you find at Canadian Tire. Just be careful you don’t pull a David Carradine.

Don’t you just feel like running through the streets and screaming how proud you are of your sexual interests? C’mon, go sit on someone’s face, go bask in your friend’s urine, wear a diaper and breast-feed, find a large group to have unadulterated sex with! What’s stopping you - political/social correctness, opinions of friends and family, insecurity/lack of confidence? All the road-blocks interweave and entangle themselves and before you know it, all the problems can be described in one word: “FEAR”

This is why being proud of yourself for what you like can help! It’s a remedy, a solution and best of all, a challenge. And like I’ve said on many occasions, what kind of a reward is worth anything if there wasn’t a challenge to overcome.

You’re all freaks in one way or another - beautiful, amazing freaks.

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