Joe Thomson Ben Mulroney, the worst person on TV

Ben Mulroney makes me sick to my stomach; the kind of disgusting specimen that could only have been fathered by that thief and charlatan Brian Mulorney.  But Ben represents a different kind of sickness. That sickness is evident in the sycophantic, ass licking that all celebrity correspondents pass off as journalism.

He has a polished persona, that has every hard edge sanded down, so the finished product doesn’t even appear to be hman.  These people are so sanitized that I’m sure their skin tastes like purell.  Fake empathy and faker outrage is what each and every story is filled with.

Have you seen a red carpet show? It is cringe inducing. Imagine your grandfather, storming the beaches of Normandy, death surrounding him, being shown a red carpet event where Ryan Seacrest drools all over some shitty celebrity, while trying to be funny and charming.  Ugh makes me cry a little.  That forced charisma and the completely vapid conversation that is not only going on, but being watched as if observing this conversation is somehow important, would make anyone who lost their life in WWII so ashamed they would probably reconsider NAZI rule.

Am I the only one who watches these things and prays for the apocalypse?

These people aren’t even real people and their attempts at humanity only come accompanied with schmaltzy music and blank stares meant to connote empathy. Fuck You.  If I could wish an agonizing death upon anyone from history it would be (in order):

Ben Mulroney
Billy Bush
Ryan Seacrest
Ben Mulroney again

To make these creeps even shittier, both Billy Bush and Ben Mulroney were born into horrible conservative families, keeping the Bush and Mulroney legacies afloat by inanely spewing the faggiest stories possible to a captivated audience. That’s right folks, Brian Mulroney’s developed jizz is on TV talking at us, and one of George W. Bush’s many retarded cousins too.

Now, I’m not saying Ben Mulroney is gay, but imagine just for a second that his femine qualities and love for all things glamorous meant that he was indeed homosexual.  Being the son of a staunch conservative with a political career to worry about wouldn’t lend itself to having a gay son.  So maybe you grow up, realize you like girls as friends and enjoy a cock in your mouth and ass every once in a while.  What do you do? Come out and tell the world? Or hide it behind a wife, while being able to pursue your fabulous lifestyle under the guise of being metro sexual?

Can anyone argue against that scenario being plausible?

Just saying…


Got that bloody right!

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