L Woods Books are Sexy

Call me old fashioned, but technology is fucking intimidating. While I seem to have mastered the art of tweeting from a Blackberry, basically anything else that requires a wire and electricity to run is pretty much lost on me. I’m probably one of the only girls I know who doesn’t own a hair straightener, and a curling iron just looks like a torture device to me.

Unfortunately for me, almost everything these days requires some form of technology - even submitting these articles, which, after three months, I still have trouble with sometimes. Most heartbreaking of all is that there is now a little machine that has replaced books! What the hell?! You can actually download a book now. We are so obsessed with technology that touching a screen has now replaced flipping a page.

In all honesty, there really is nothing sexier than a guy who reads actual books. If the book he’s reading is super creased and folded and basically looks like it has been through a war zone, I might get a little bit turned on. If that book is written by James Patterson, prepare to be shamelessly hit on.

In my ideal world, I will meet my future husband at a second hand bookstore – I’m not a hipster, just a nerd – as we are reaching for the same copy of Searching for Bobby Orr. Unfortunately, this won’t happen if everyone is replacing books with those electro-reader-gizmo things.

So, here I am, selfishly asking the male population to remember how great books smell and feel. If that doesn’t convince you, perhaps this will: When a book gets wet, it dries and gets that cool, wrinkled, well-used look to it. If your computerized novel gets wet, you’ve now lost $400 and you’ve totally lost your page!



I am with you down with digital books! I will never give up my good old paper books, nothing beats flipping through pages.

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