L Woods boyfriend poaching: the newest drinking game

For a female, picking up guys at the bar is like a game. If he buys you a drink, ten points. Fifteen if he buys a round for you and your friends, twenty if his collar is down and he isn’t wearing sunglasses indoors. At the end of the night, if he racks up enough points, you get to go home together and bump uglies for a while. Fun right? [Everyone knows that boys should NEVER buy a girl a drink if he's looking to bring her home that night...right? - Ed]

Almost everyone that you see out on a Friday or Saturday night is playing this game. No one goes to clubs because they actually enjoy the horrible music and the dingy atmosphere; they’re just hoping to score. There’s another game which many are playing yet is being kept on the “DL” due to its lack of social acceptability. It’s just as fun – if not more – than your regular Cat & Mouse club game. However, if played correctly, it can offer a larger and much more exciting prize.

Boyfriend poaching, i.e. making the least available person in the room the object of your desire, is a game which truly requires some great technique and no moral conscience whatsoever. If you’re able to lure your unavailable prey out of the herd and into you, that’s when you know you’ve truly mastered your craft. Either that or they’re a total skank, in which case you’re really just doing their significant other a favor by exposing their true colors. Just think of boyfriend poaching as your way of being a good ol’ friendly Samaritan. If it works, you get yours and he’ll eventually get what he deserves, and if it doesn’t and he remains that loving, faithful boyfriend we all hate, you have full permission to whip out the “Good, I was just testing you” line and move onto the next.


Dating is when you and the other person are going out to get to know each other. It's the same thing as you are seenig someone . The two of you go out to dinner or a movie to just get to know one another better. When you start calling the other person your boyfriend/girlfriend then that means you know each other well enough to take things to the next level. Your relationship becomes more intimate.Now, in love means you have a very strong connection with a person. Every time you are with them you start feeling a chill or excitement overtaking your body. In love, like the word, is a strong feeling of emotion. It's stronger then the feeling you get when you are around a family member. Loving somone is like another way of saying you care about that person. I Love my best friend a lot, but not the way I love my husband. I care about them both a lot, I don't know what I would do if one of them ever got hurt. However, when it comes to sharing special moments of my life with someone, I enjoy sharing it with my husband. When it comes to my friend, we just sit there, laugh, and gossip. When it comes to my husband, we like to cuddle, hold each other, and be close. Hope this helps.

I hate the word cuddle.

You are a horrible person.
A) The first game you described? Where if "he buys you enough drinks and racks up enough points, he have sex with him" is essentially prostitution...
B) Going after someone's boyfriend just cuz it's challenging is someonething only a horrible person would do. You're attempting to encourage cheating, while at the same time hoping "he gets what he deserves". That is complete hypocritical misandry.
If you're going after someone's boyfriend, you're the problem. You're taking advantage of their drunken state, or maybe even making a rough patch in a relationship worse by sticking your slobbering tongue in between them.

I hooked up with your boyfriend, didn't I? You can totally join us next time if you want!! XOXOXO.

i want to bang you kailey.... but i have a girlfriend :(

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