Photos by: Alex Hardie

Michael Turnbull The Bubbly Summer Shoot: Ashley

So, summer has finally closed off.
And even though we hold on dear to those exceptionally warm September days, our cottage are closing, pools are covering up, and we're counting down the months till leaves cover our lawns and inevitably the wrath of snow.

Though bikini clad women will no longer walk the streets, unless you troll them at night, we can reminisce on all the amazing things summer had to offer. The Bubbly, fun, awesome wonderment of summer.

Ashley here is a wicked little example of how some girls can slip into a cute innocent outfit and fool the mass public. Deep down inside this girl is the heart of a man eater, and don’t you think otherwise. Those eyes, I swear, can take a man from passer by to sugar daddy in a heartbeat. She has full control, he knows it, and he doesn’t care.

Plenty girls can learn a thing or two from this girl. How talking about videogames and movies, can melt a man’s heart. Awesome tales of fantasy roleplaying and cosplay, lead into skinny dipping in the lake. She knows her market well, and she wears her nerdy boys like an achievment in her gamer profile. ;)

If you would like to see more of Ashley’s shoot, or download the full set (Right Click to Download):

Photos by Alex Hardie
Hair by Sai Perez

Facebook Gallery:
Full Set:

Alex Hardie

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