Photos by: Alex Hardie

Michael Turnbull The Bubbly Summer Shoot: Gem

While driving up to grab model Gem and her entourage, hair stylist Sai Perez switches tracks to some Kreayshawn. The girls explode with excitement, "Holy fuck, Kreayshawn!?? I'm gonna vomit from happiness!!"

Gem Stone is the tits.
You wanna throw the best party of all time? Invite this girl out. You want to go to a show and dance until you pass out from loss of blood? Invite this girl out. If you want to make any aspect of you boring life anywhere close to feel like you're living like a rockstar Gem is your girl. (And her trill little entourage of course)

There is nothing I can say that can explain the absolute pleasure it is to be around Gem. From her wild interests to her cute English accent, you cannot ignore her wicked persona. This girl turned every aspect of the shoot into an absolute laugh fest followed by striking poses and wonderful ideas for the next thing to do.

I would be careful though, to hang around Gem is to fall in love. You have to watch what you do or say, because the moment she responds your soul will latch on, and you will become enthralled. I pity all the boys lined up outside her door with rings, this girl is too good for all of you, but her smile will ensure they will be back in the morning.

Photos by Alex Hardie
Hair by Sai Perez

If you would like to see more of Gem’s shoot, or download the full set (Right Click to Download):

Facebook Gallery:
Full Set:



Alex Hardie

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