Photos by: Alex Hardie

Michael Turnbull The Bubbly Summer Shoot: Mel and Rachel

Melanie and Rachel.
An uncanny pair of super heroins ready at the drop of the hat to fight crime and eat ice cream...

Mel is a super awesome, spunky cosplayer who hangs out with the team from Hot Spin TV as their lead jornalist reporting on everything from wild events to nerdy culture and cosplay.
Mel travels around in cute outfits breaking the hearts of nerds and jocks a like. She also bartends, gathering a couple extra tips just with a wink and a smile. You can also find her in the latest Theatrix ads lining the subways, this girl is everywhere!

Rachel is the missing member from our Glamorous Gamer Girls shoot. She runs that team, and keeps them all in line.
Though she couldn't make it out for the shoot, she ensured all the team would be there. Such sacrifice! Such dedication! She's also the one who plays all the FPS and laughs at horrible players online. Rachel also cosplays, and builds wildy elaborate costumes, mostly for her large following of LoL players. 

These two girls together were down for everything.
From bike explosions, to spitting up a pint of ice cream, they commanded the place, and did it with style and to hotness.

I fear for any boy who tries to win their hearts.

Check out Melanie's latest journaling adventure here:
Her Cosplaying Documentary here:
And the Hot Spin TV FB Page:

The Glamorous Gamer Girls here:
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Photos by Alex Hardie
Hair by Sai Perez

If you would like to see more of the Mel and Rachel shoot, or download the full set (Right Click to Download):

Facebook Gallery:
Full Set:

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The Gamlorous Gamer Girls


Alex Hardie

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