Hannah Star Can I follow my dreams and not starve?

Hello, world.
Today I’m coming at you with the latest in my depressing realizations that all college graduates and soon-to-be graduates are doomed. I’ve been doing a pretty good job of getting it off my mind lately; I’ve been preparing to start my Theatre thesis with so much enthusiasm that you might think that my theatre major is actually going to benefit me in life. But today, upon hearing that students looking for jobs in finance are having a tough time finding work, I was painfully reminded that after I graduate with my double major in History and Theatre, I will have no job and no money and starve and likely live in a hole, or some other unhygienic orifice-type dwelling.

Let’s face it: if few people are hiring for jobs in investment banking, then there are absolutely zero point zero people hiring for jobs in writing opinion pieces about whatever tickles my fancy. So do I look for a job that’s more conducive to actually earning a salary (“you could be a historical re-enactor!” one person said upon learning I was majoring in History and Theatre), or do I listen to Disney and follow my heart and pursue my passions and blah blah blah they lived happily ever after? It’s a terribly conflicting position that I and a lot of my fellow students are currently facing.

The problem isn’t made any easier by the fact that every movie I watched growing up told me that I’d only be happy if I followed my heart. If Anne Hathaway turned down a top fashion job in The Devil Wears Prada, and Miley Cyrus reveals that her stage persona was all a disguise at the end of the Hannah Montana movie, then who am I to shy away from pursuing a career that makes me happy? I end up feeling so guilty for merely considering the fact that I’m destined to make no money. “But if you don’t follow your dreams, your life won’t be fulfilled,” all these movies seem to tell me. You know what else will make my life less fulfilled? Not having enough food to physically survive. Which makes me think I should reconsider that high-paying business job...

These are trying times, people. Students everywhere are feeling increasingly less confident about their futures. But you know what makes me a little more confident? It’s a lesson I learned from the Hannah Montana movie: whenever I’m feeling down, I can just sing an inspirational song like “The Climb” in an annoyingly southern accent, and EVERYTHING WILL BE A-OKAY. Then I’ll sit back, relax, and keep wishing I was desperately passionate about mutual funds and the stock market.

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