Paul Parillo Cooler Heads Prevail

Cooler heads really do prevail. In fact, they prevail most of the time; not letting anger get the best of one’s actions and thoughts can save your ass in many instances. A couple years ago I read an article in “Psychology Today” that had some results from a study showing the variance in brain capacity during heightened times of anger and frustration versus a calm and cool disposition. Apparently, a person’s brain becomes shrouded with logic blocks and indecision, making for an almost impossible chance at utilizing reason. We’ve all been there, we’ve all felt this, but one thing that wasn’t mentioned, was how fucking good it feels to just be fucking angry.

One could also attest to the inherent difficulty and fallibility while attempting to remain cool as is suggested. In the moment, when you can feel rage bubbling up through your stomach and into the back of your throat, one of two possibilities can surely happen: you’ll accidentally repress it all - a dangerous war of attrition; or you just simply won’t have the ability to move into a cooler state of mind—I suppose once the anger begins building, the time and opportunity to make that change is quickly whittled away.

Of course, if you can recognize the scenarios that piss you off the most and have the keen sense to plan a preventative course of action, then you’ll have a good way to counter this issue. But sometimes, the anger is unavoidable —in that case, go punch a wall or something. And once you’ve expended that angry energy, your brain can calm down and see reason, plus, the consequence of acting out can be the proper deterrent in turning your anger into something more efficient for the future.

Like in the song “Freedom” by Rage Against the Machine, “your anger is a gift”, so use it well; it's fuel for your passions, your embrace of the human condition, and the individual capabilities of one’s emotions therein.

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