Arthur Rourke Dabbling With Dating: Online and Speed Dating

Dating can be a curious thing. So often in this contemporary age are we told that eventually, somehow, we will just run into the person we are “meant” to be with. If that’s the case, how come so many people are flocking to dating websites, payed services, and speed dating events? Are people that enamoured with the idea of forcing the issue of love that they’ve lost all of their patience? It would certainly seem that way, so let’s take a look at all of the options available for those impatient romantics.

Speed Dating – This service has prospective daters meeting en masse. For a relatively low fee (it varies depending on how desperate you are) you are invited to attend an evening of conversation. You sit down across from a complete stranger, make eye contact and force somewhat awkward conversation for a pre-determined amount of time. It's a curious way to engage people, and once the allotted time is up, a bell will ring and alert you to move to the next potential candidate. This goes on for an hour or so, and after each “date” you're supposed to check off whether or not that person is worthy of your contact information.

Free dating websites offer another option for those desperately lonely folks. It should be stated that generally, they are glorified meat markets running under the pretence of dating tool. They can log on, airbrush their acne-ridden photos to perfection, and pretend that their online persona is who they actually are. This pseudo realistic attempt at connecting with other people from the comfort of your own home is a great way to avoid actually interacting with human beings. More often than not, these “meetings” end up with some form of cyber sex. Each party gets what they want. By fulfilling the base human need to orgasm, there’s no need to spend any real time with one another.

On the off chance that you do make it out to a real date with someone from the online arena, there is always the chance they could disappoint. Perhaps they weren’t forthcoming about their immobility, the fact that their mother has to come to chaperone, or that they are in fact morbidly obese and therefore can’t satisfy any urges you may have besides an impromptu hot dog eating contest. (No, that’s not euphuism.) This will inevitably lead you back to the same website you just left. Isn’t it unfortunate how you can’t always get what you want with a few clicks of the key board?


I disagree with Dave emlpletcoy. Speed dating is much more effective than on-line dating. You don't waste time with someone with whom there ends up being no attraction. With speed dating, you know right away whether that initial connection is there. I have tried a few different services and would recommend trying though. They are by far the most organized, and have the best people coming out.Sam

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