Arthur Rourke Dabbling With Dating: Pro matchmakers

So guess what? There are pay services that promise to find you a soul mate. At the very least, these companies offer the hope of finding someone with whom you can have a genuine connection. For the prices that they are charging, the least they could do is guarantee a happy ending. Based on an extended multiple choice survey, and some “in depth” character questions, they will match you with someone, or several someones, that meet your character requirements. If you like sassy brunettes who sit behind the coffee bar [and who doesn't!? - Ed], then make sure you indicate that. Otherwise you’ll end up with a quirky red head who doesn’t know the difference between lattes and lettuce.

All of these matching services operate under the idealized concept that people are genuinely honest when filling out these surveys. Most people aren’t honest when they go to the dentist, so how can it be expected that they tell the truth to a website? There are several sites out there which claim to be producing more marriages and healthy relationships than all of the others. Could that perhaps be because they match the loneliest, most contact deprived individuals with one another? Maybe that’s a bit too cynical (or a bit too honest). Either way, these services operate by catering to people’s willingness to believe that the person sent to them has a similar perspective, and has given up roughly the same amount of hope at finding their own way.

Outside the genre of the online and paid services, there always remains the blind date. Not only was it an awful show in the first decade of this century, but it is also a way to get into the dating game. Friends are always keen to offload needy loveless peons onto others!

This ability to get two people together while freeing up yourself is merely a side perk. The chemist’s opportunity to match two lonely folks up will often end poorly. Someone will get hurt and eventually blame the person who matched them up, but for the time they are enjoying themselves it will all be peachy. The two love birds find comfort in one another, and that`s all they are really looking for.

So there you have it folks, several ways to engage in finding that special person. The search is a long one, and if you can`t bear to be patient any longer then rush into one of these proven methods of coupling up. For those who are more patient, keep drinking and twiddle your thumbs. You already have the right idea.

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