Paul Parillo Dating on a Budget

Money can be tight sometimes, and our financial woes have a propensity to dominate our personal lives. Whether you gamble, drink too much, or enjoy exotic massages from back door trannies, our vices, coupled with a failing economy, have left little room for personal and/or relationship growth. The progeny of restriction is, for most of us, creativity, so when it comes time for dating on a budget, one’s ability to be creative is more than important, it’s necessary.

Let us review some quintessential, quantifiable and borderline quixotic dating tips for the frugal mates going on dates (Rhyming and alliteration, intended).

Staring at each other for an hour or so can be an exhilarating experience. Testing one’s ability to share an awkward moment such as this can help guide any couple into a symbiotic connection between two souls. Personally, I’m not a fan of blinking, so when I’m engaged in any feat of ocular strength, I’ll always have eye drops to prevent dryness. Be sure to stare intently, and don’t forget how much money you’re saving!

Are you the outdoorsy type? Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical – going for walks with your partner is both romantic, and free! Hey look – some squirrels finding food for the winter; what’s that – I think those people are having a picnic; or, I’ve never seen so many dead homeless people!!! Exploring our backyard is rewarding, but what’s best of all, is being able hold your partner’s hand without spending a dime.

Inevitably, a couple such as yourselves will be interested in going out for dinner – WRONG! Restaurants are notorious for charging people money to eat their food. You have two options: 1 – Dine and Dash: We all know the concept, but few have braved it. Secondly – dumpsters; here you’ll find discarded pizza crusts or perhaps an old lamb shank. The idea is not to be too picky – it pays to have low standards.

A new relationship that is built on creativity is more likely to last than that of one where money is love’s catalyst – (Paul Parillo, just now). Heed this advice, and I assure you, the new flame in your life will never dim, will never darken, and most of all, never be put out by diligent firefighters.



ooo..yah not good=/iss k, i have a friend that is like that too.I'm not sure the exact cause of this, thgouh i don know that sometimes when people are hurt really bad in their past, they get trust they like a guy when they dont know if they like them yet b/c it makes them feel safe since they know they can't get too close to them to get hurt. Maybe when you know they like you, it automatically turns you off since you stepped outside your comfort zone and are puttin yourself out there for hurt:(then again, idk you. so just a thgouht^_^ i would make sure you know for sure you like the guy before you do anything. That way nobody gets hurt. And if you do get w/ him, if your startin to have thgouhts about breakin him off, id really think it through first..and ask yourself if the reason why is very logical at all.good luck to you^_^

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