L Woods Dear Guys, We'd Like Some Answers.

For the most part you men are fairly easy to please. You’re happy as long as you get bacon, sex, and hockey on a daily basis. If you’re in a bad mood it’s usually because you’re either hungry, horny, or because the Leafs threw another playoff run. There are, however, some things that you do that we will never figure out on our own. It would greatly appreciated if you could provide us with some answers.

Question 1:

Why do you keep the tags and stickers on your hats? When a girl keeps the tags on her clothes, it means that she bought something she can’t actually afford and plans on returning it after wearing it to an important event. In this case, the tags remain hidden. Do you realize how ridiculous you look with giant tags flopping around every time you move your head? Also, why do you insist on wearing your hat sideways? Why is your hat teetering on top of your head, rather than covering your ears? Why do you keep the brim completely flat? Why did you buy a Cardinals hat if you aren’t even a Cards fan? Seriously, why?!

Question 2:

Why do you watch such strange shows on TV? I know you think that our girly shows are dramatic and ridiculous, but at least they contain an actual plotline and have real, living and breathing actors. Seriously, there are a million shows on TV and you choose to watch Robot Chicken? Please, help us understand the appeal.

Question 3:

Why do you put in weeks of effort to get in a girl’s pants, and then immediately cut off all contact? I know you think you’re so smart because you “totally hit it and quit it,” but you’re actually just an idiot. If you had played your cards right you could have strung that poor girl along for a few more rounds before dropping her and forgetting her existence. If you’re going to rack up your phone bill by texting her all hours of the night, you might as well try and get your money’s worth, no?

Best answer gets the first 3 digits of L Woods` phone number. XOXO


1. 'Cause the stickers leave sticky stuff behind?

2. Robot Chicken has momentary brilliance. It's like B material that didn't make the cut for Family Guy.

3. Gotta catch 'em all. No- players are guilty cowards who flee as soon as shit gets real.

^ Epic fail. This is why I need an editor.

first question no answer, second question because robot chicken is pretty damn funny, third question if we find them to be annoying and just don't catch on until it is too late. then we feel that going for round 2 sends the wrong message

1. The sticker is like saying a name brand(If you have the sticker your cool). Like how girls have to be wearing cloths that are made by certain companies that are outrageously priced...

2. Well cause it a part of our childhood we never really let go. All guys love a cheap laugh, some how cartoons just click with that. That plus we don't enjoy the whole " Oh my god, shes pregnant with who's baby???" After the forth time its a little old.

3. For a guy its all about the chase, as soon as she gives in she seems slightly weak and undesirable, and the score is what seems to count these days.

1. It's a stupid trend that caught on and so idiots continue to do it.
2. Robot Chicken is fucking hilarious. It's like a bite sized sketch comedy.
3. Well it's stupid, but some guys just prefer having sex with different girls because they can't commit.

What a silly goose!

Thank-you, everyone, for such incredibly insightful answers, especially Joe. Apparently, I am wrong about Robot Chicken and, even though I slightly remember being weirded out while I was watching it, I'm willing to give it another shot. Winner is "Anon" because your answer to Question #1 was flawless!

Id like to answer the first question with another question: why do girls feel the need to wear high waisted pants and skirts? they're unattractive and you look fucking rediculous. I cant understand a damn thing being comfortable with having you pants up near your breastbone. Question 2: Robo chicken is solid, and i also would like to say : Why do women watch Glee? i don't get the appeal. Question 3: Because sometimes its not about the destination, its about the journey. Its about the challenge of seeing if you can pull it off.

1. I don't wear my hat with shit left on it...I agree it looks ridiculous.
2. If you can't appreciate Robot Chicken after watching it...I suppose you never will. All I can say is...you're missing out.
3. That's the beauty of unlimited text plans. Why do you think phone companies introduced those in the first place...ahh now it makes sense right?

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You're too sweet, thanks boo. New stuff will be up soon.

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