Michael Turnbull Dishcrawl

There was a time.
There was once a time where you would gather together with all of your friends, predrink, get in a few poppers, and hit the road at the top of your lungs. You and 20 of your bros would pour into the local taverns, pound back a litre of beer, pick yourself off the floor and then walk 3 minutes down the street and do it all again.

I miss those days, but then again I’m slightly older, wiser, and my liver is so damaged from assault that I am barely functioning as a human being. I’ll probably need a new outlet, probably need to take care of myself a little better, and hell, maybe I should dress up and be an adult...

I was recently introduced to this rad little event called the Dishcrawl, which is basically pub crawling for food. Trill. And I decided to try this thing out. I get to eat out and get a few drinks  across 4 dope restaurants in a hot classy area of Oakville. Thing is, I don’t actually know the places I’ll be visiting, it’s all hush hush. So my interest has been peaked a little more than the average hangout.

I’m going to be checking this thing out next week, on  the 29th, and I’d dig tagging someone along with me and my classier bros. Dishcrawl sent me a wicked promo, so I figure, if you’re interested in getting $20 off the ticket price, just give me a shout. Email me a dirty little secret that you have never shared with anyone, and I’ll pick the most engaging one to tag along with me. Yeah it’s totally subjective, but suck a dick, that’s life.

If you’d like to check out the event, or join in on this wicked hangout the address is here: http://dishcrawl.com/oldoakvilledt/ There are only like 19 tickets left as of yesterday, so it’s going pretty quickly.

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