Liam Montgomery Disinstitution

I’ve always been a shit disturber. I would like to say rebel but a rebel has a cause a reason, something they would die for. I on the other hand just had an authority complex, a splash of ADD and just a pinch of intelligence. Just enough brains to recognize that the bullshit that they were regurgitating was worthless, even potentially damaging. I mean look at all those weird uptight normal people with secret fucked up pineapple-anal fetishes. They probably paid way too much attention to somebody in their youth that just twisted the fuck out of their psyches’, like their gym teacher or something horrible.

I never really understood my personal angst, until I graduated and moved on into real life. They teach you nothing important for the real world, the only thing they really get into you is how to address authority how to comply and how to put a condom on a banana which is just hilarious you should try it.

For example the first time I did my taxes I had no fucking clue what I was doing, I barely even understood what a T4 was, then there is other shit like T4-9’s or something, like dude. Another good example would be to teach kids how to recognize the onset of addiction. I mean most long-term addiction stems from youthful experimentation anyways. What I’m saying is teaching us just the book stuff and letting us fend for ourselves to learn the street-smarts is only fighting half the battle, and failing to prepare is just preparing to fail. Let’s be honest anyways, taking the academic track in often times leaves you in debt, bitter, disdainful, and ironically unemployable. This forces the student down a treacherous road through a Masters and eventually a PhD where they are stuck to write intellectual papers that only do nothing but inflate the head of academia as it ascends into elitism and abstracts itself from pragmatism. You see! Look at what it did to this article! Stay real.         

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