Hana Shafi Done With Dinner and A Movie*

Every now and then, I hear the ever-popular question that is: “what would be your ideal date?” People churn out the usual answers: dinner, movies, maybe some corny stuff like ice-skating. How unimaginative. Someone is asking you what your ideal date would be, and in the ever-perfect world of ideals, dinner and a movie or some walk on the beach is  the best people can come with? Hey, if you wanna do those things, go ahead. But I decided I’d brainstorm a bit and pick five other completely do-able far more awesome date ideas. 

1) Movie-marathoning. Much better than going to the cinema to see a movie for three reasons: 1) because you can bond over your similar taste in films (Star Wars movie marathon date? hell yeah!) 2) because you can actually talk to one another instead of sitting in awkward semi-silence at the movies and 3) because if you really do wanna get down and dirty, it’s probably easier in a home than on a crusty movie theatre seat. 

2) Museums or art galleries. I don’t care if that sounds snobby or pretentious, it can be really fun and totally affordable too. No need to dish out the cash for an expensive dinner. Grab something cheap and go to the museum and learn stuff and hold hands and look at pretty things and all that fun stuff. Also, the AGO is free Wednesday evenings, and the ROM is free for students on Tuesday, and discounted admission Friday nights. You have to be a completely boring, mundane human being to not find at least one thing at a museum or gallery interesting. Dinosaur fossils are the shit. 

3) Fuck ice-skating, go taboozing. You and your date might not look that sexy in snow pants, but it’s better than getting ice up your butt. Drink some whiskey and catapult yourself down a snowy hill. This is a date that’s bound to be fun, but, of course, be careful. Don’t drink too much and go overboard because ending up in the hospital is far from ideal. Besides, you can roll around in the snow and be romantic and what not too. 

4) Concerts. Again, it won’t have to be pricey either. There are tons of pretty good indie bands that have cheap shows all over Toronto. You can appreciate your similar taste in music, plus you get to be in a fun, vibrant crowd. Concerts make for a much more memorable night than any dinner and movie combo. The only downside is that it’s a bit loud to talk. But if you’re afraid of awkward lulls in the conversation, concerts pretty much eliminate that. 

5) Exploring. Okay, it sounds really silly, but you’d be surprised how many people haven’t fully explored the city they live in. A lot of people have their go-to spots and rarely venture outside of it. Pick a certain neighborhood/district and go experience it to the fullest. You’ll find new places that you might end up loving, and it can be easier to start conversations this way as well. 

The perfect date doesn’t have to be something extravagant or expensive, it just requires you to get a little imaginative. Besides, in my ideal world, dates would consist of eating pizza in your underwear while watching Lord of The Rings. 

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