Liam Montgomery East VS West

The West coast is where everybody wants to move to. It has beautiful beaches, with beach bods and buns, outdoor culture, the most recent and suave lifestyles, great weed, laid back living and amazing seafood. The East is known for dirty streets, big cities, garbage disposal issues and crime. That is why the west is a destination (especially in Canada) for the rich, the upper-middle, and the annoying hipsters.

This makes the West the shittiest place for business, career development and just trying to become a normal contributing citizen. The culture out here is mainly to take it easy, to smoke some pot and to always just talk about the things that you would like to do, the things that you think will be “cool.”

Living in Vancouver and having the majority of my family living in Toronto I travel between the two often enough. Over the years I have made a few observations about the people and their ways of life.

I find Toronto to have much more of a hustle and bustle, perhaps due to the high population making competition fierce. I find though that there is more opportunity to find a job, being a DJ or a bartender. More young people apply themselves in Toronto bringing their projects into fruition. It’s more of a general want amongst these people to make something of themselves.

On the other side, Vancouver a hot spot destination, known for beautiful views, restaurants and high property value. This city is full of rich kids from other parts of the world living off their parents meal ticket because they just need some time to discover themselves away from home. We also have a bunch of shitty locals that take for granted the opportunity before them. I always see young people coming together in some city like Montreal, or New York, some true initiative but I never see that kind of passion from the public of a western city. Maybe it’s because we are too busy enjoying our cities or because or weed is just too good, but I feel like the West Coast needs to wake up a bit and become more of a leader, the avant garde to become true pioneers.

Liam Montgomery   


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