Hana Shafi The Ever-humiliating Ex Run-in

The moment we all dread: running into an ex. Actually, that could be a bit broader: running into anyone you’ve done something dirty with that did not end particularly well. Chances are at this fine moment, you look like absolute shit- or even absolute shit that’s been run over a few times. Isn’t it just lovely how the universe works like that?

Here’s what I do in those situations. Put my head down, avoid eye contact at all costs, fumble with my phone, and maybe throw in a few shitty fake laughs. Had this run-in been on a day where I’m looking like hot shit- tight dress accentuating the booty area, heels, red lipstick, all the sexy stuff- then I could’ve definitely made some eye contact, made my fake laugh a little more confident, maybe thrown in a few cheeky smiles, but nothing ever seems to go down like that. 

But every now and then, you get blessed with the ideal situation. If you and this individual have a few mutual friends, it’s likely you’ll both be invited to something or the other. This is the perfect opportunity. Now that you know what’s coming, you can prep yourself to look super sexy and will know before hand if you have any spinach stuck in your teeth. But for any over-thinkers like myself, you’ll know that there are still some precautions that need to be taken and the usual do’s and don’ts:

Do look sexy. But be careful with this. I hate looking like a try-hard. If it’s abnormal for you to wear a low cut shirt and dangly earrings, then it’s going to be obvious to that person that you’ve made an out-of-character fashion decision simply to entice them. Then again, maybe you just wanna try out a low cut shirt and dangly earrings. 

Do be flirty with people around you, but again don’t try too hard. If you make it a point  to snuggle close to every guy/girl around you, while doing that casual hand on shoulder/knee stuff (and you’re not usually a touchy-feely person), it’s going to start looking a tad bit desperate. You don’t need to prove to that person that you can flirt other people, they probably know that. You just need to remind them a little bit.

And last but not least, the hardest “do” of them all: be confident. Maybe that person dumped you, maybe they’ve found someone else since then, maybe they’re just getting a lot of action while you’ve been watching Lost reruns in your underwear, but there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re confident, having fun with your friends, and generally looking happy, those are the things that are going to stick with them. 

Besides, look on the bright side, while you were endlessly criticizing yourself, they probably looked like absolute shit run over a few times as well. 


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