Michael Turnbull Everything is Shit

Fuckin everything is 'cool' now. And seriously, there is straight up too much shit that as long as someone doesn't know about it, you can pass it off as cool, and that's pathetic. 

Now I'm all for cool shit. Get me a pair of kicks that only have a run of 100? Fuck yeah I'm gonna drop stupid cash on that shit if they're hot. But when you want to talk about shit being cool, you have to make sure what you like stands out and is legitimately sick, otherwise you're just bragging about nothing. 

Like for instance, your favourite band, with 1 ep of 4 songs, and the fact that you have their home-grown, screen-printed tee that doesn't even have the name spelled correctly? They're shit. No one actually cares if they are new wave or the new punk, fuck they might as well be classic rock. Bands try too hard. 

93% of movies are dick, stop pretending they aren't. Hollywood sold out so long ago no one even remembers, and you can't even trust critics anymore, cuz mega-corps like viacom pay them to write good reviews.

 The box collector's set of 'Fight Club' you own is just as lame, regardless of how cool 'Fight Club' is. You just got suckered into paying more for the privilege of having something 'collectible' that they will release bigger and better in a half decade or so.

Dope is boring. Smoking weed is for 14 yr olds. You're a grown up, do some blow. 

Even pornos are getting bad, and though there are times when you can suspend disbelief that the pizza delivery guy is just totally lucky, the contrived bullshit that start pornos may help some, but porno veterans skip that shit. Problem is, what once was 'hardcore' is now practically softcore, and whats dirty now will be the norm in a week. I guess everyone should just start having actual sex now. I don't even know if that's cool anymore. 

Point is, just enjoy shit for what it is, and don't pump it up to what it's not. Being cool is so pretentious.

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