Liam Montgomery Failing to Prepare

A good rager is one where the host can be relaxed to enjoy the party and to feel comfortable to let the animals loose. Throwing a good party is all in the preparations. This is a fool proof formula for wicked party times.

Step One – Choose a room, best to choose a room that the natural flow of the house will lead party goers to. For example if a room is located near the front door. Take all of your valuables and as much furniture as you can cram in there, then take a couple of 2 X 4 and nail the door shut.

Step Two – Take all of your plates and cutlery and cups and pans, pots, pitchers, whisks, knives, all the knives, rice cookers, crock pots, and milk shake machines, toasters and whatever else you may have in your kitchen put them into drawers and if you are smart you will also nail them shut.

Step Three – Buy one bottle, a large bottle and a six pack. The six pack is for before the people show up, it’s not worth trying to stash it will be stolen. The big bottle is fro when the people are there because it is way easier toting around one bottle than six.

Step Four (Optional) – If you are going to have kegs get a lot because as soon as the word is out that there is a kegger it will sweep like wildfire. Be sure to place the kegs outside because ice melts. You want the keg area to be under cover because a mass of people talking over each other is loud and neighbours call the police. So if you don’t have a good area make one, string up a few tarps anything to dampen the noise.

Follow these steps and party hard.

Liam Montgomery 


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