Tori Morrison Five Non-Political Reason Romney Shouldn't Be President

It’s rare that I would ever make an argument that a President, Prime Minister, or Project Runway winner be picked on anything but their clear talents in their profession. However, Mitt Romney is the perfect example of a time when a candidate’s personal life and non-political campaign strategiess should affect voters’ decisions.  I will argue that Mitt Romney’s decisions during and before his campaign, are not only damaging, they are singularly worth not electing Mitt Romney without any consideration for his political stand points. 

1.Vagueness is not a political campaign. 

Romney has been pretty unclear about what his actual intentions are for president. While many see this as just a bad campaign, it actually runs a much more dangerous threat than Romney himself, if he wins. If a vague, all defence, strategy works then the American election becomes a poop throwing contest instead of a question of politics. Even worse, is the fact that, being vague actually works for debates because the opponent can’t challenge your policies because they don’t know what they are! Not telling the public what you plan to do in office, is undemocratic. Romney’s campaign has put potential voters are on a needs to know basis, and frankly, he does not believe you need to know all that much. Presidents need to be more than a fearless leader, they need diplomacy to get them out of trouble internationally, they need to instill trust in people, and Romney needs to earn trust by not walking away from any question or tax filing that he finds inappropriate. Speaking of tax filing. . . 

2.You have to believe in America. Because you know, that’s the country you’re supposed to love.

I understand why Romney only paid 13.3 percent but hiding money in off shore bank accounts? That’s a little like betting on the other team to win in your son’s little league game. I’m not saying every citizen should be 100% American all the time, BUT YOU’RE TRYING TO BE FUCKING PRESIDENT! You need to invest in the country you’re running, and yes, this happened before he was ran, but I strongly believe you have to be born to be president. I’m not evoking some sort of wonderful destiny speech, I’m suggesting that the president needs to be a better American, needs to have always been a better American, than his voters. Romney can’t expect Americans to be good Americans, if he wasn’t a great American. How can you look a mother in the eye, tell her she must risk sacrificing he son/daughter to war, if Romney couldn’t sacrifice the taxes on his extra accounts.   

3.American needs less business men, not more.

Romney claims that America needs a business man to run the country. It’s kind of funny that Romney who ran a company that gutted and sold dying companies, is telling us he knows about how to bring prosperity back to America. This he has the balls to say, when he was one of the vultures who gutted America for the copper wire in the walls. It’s a little your drug dealer coming to your intervention. This assumption, that business men share prosperity is the biggest fucking joke the American public chokes down. Business success is predicated on winning the gains from the failures of others. Considering all of America’s shareholders are from China, I’d be a little worry that Romney’s planning on shutting down America and building a cheaper, crappier version of the states in an unmarked zone somewhere near India.

4.Romney is so far away from understanding the average American, even in the most easily accessible facts, that he plays out in video clips like a 20th century dandy. 

"Is $100,000 middle income?" -George Stephanopoulos

"No, middle income is $200,000 to $250,000 and less." -Mitt Romney, ABC's "Good Morning America," Sept. 14, 2012 

I don’t know how anyone could suggest that $250,000 a year is middle income. Sure, maybe if you remove the very poor of which Romney said he wasn’t concerned with and then take away the 47% of Americans that Romney classifies as free loading government dependents. Remove any minorities or labourers and everyone who only has one car, and yep there we go 250,000 is now the middle income. 

You can’t ask for the American leadership, if you don’t understand who you are leading. If you don’t know what your citizens are going through, you’re basically asking for a monarchy position. You need to understand what a problem is, if you intend to help it. Which leads me to my final point. . .

5.I strongly believe Mitt Romney has no clue what he is going to do as President.

When you look at Romney’s plan to shut down the trillion dollar deficit, in which he promises nothing will be cut, but one trillion dollars will magically be repaid, during a recession, one thing comes to my mind; this man hasn’t decided what kind of president he will be. I think Romney is just focused on the win, which may explain why he’s always being so vague, attacking Obama, and practicing zingers for the debates, instead of explaining his plans to the American public. This may end well, he may surprise himself and us, but it seems to me that you shouldn’t apply to a job if you aren’t sure you can do it. 


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