Hana Shafi Fuck Yeah, Liberal Arts

If you went into liberal arts, you’ve probably heard this before: “there’s no money in it, there are no jobs, it’s a useless degree.” I hear something like that from someone or the other or as the terrifying headline of many news stories on a monthly basis. So essentially, I’m a failure who’s not going to make any money.

I get it, alright? The economy is in crap shape and the social sciences are less likely to land you a job than business degrees or studying a trade or med school. The warnings are all correct in that finding a job is going to be much harder for me, and I’m not exactly gonna be some young hot stud rolling in the dough. I can accept these bleak realities. But do not tell me that my degree is useless. 

If you hate idealistic young people, you should probably stop reading this right now. I admit that while I’m generally a cynic and a skeptic about 95 per cent of the time, when it comes to valuing my education, I am idealistic. Just because my degree doesn’t guarantee some whopping salary and trendy apartment by the time I’m 30, does not mean it is useless. Firstly, I’d like to see the degree which absolutely does guarantee that, and secondly, ever heard of something called learning?

Yeah that’s right, I learn awesome things. I take courses that I’m genuinely interested in. I had the privilege in life to even afford a post-secondary education and enough luxury to pursue a field which I genuinely love, so obviously I took that opportunity and because of that I’m learning things that actually change how I see the world and live my life. Now I know that being a young student makes it, at times, easy to be a little naive and idealistic, but I really believe that liberal arts degrees have real value, even if it can’t be measured by status and enormous wealth. I like that I can talk to people about what I learn in class and truly passionate about it and I personally wouldn’t be able to do that had I chosen a different degree. 

So in other words, fuck you haters. I take courses like politics of colonialism and philosophy of film, and I’m damn proud of that. And maybe I won’t be walking around in some fancy tailored suit, but I’m more of a jeans and jacket person anyways. Now I’m gonna go read some damn intellectual shit. Fuck yeah. 

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