Hana Shafi Get An Opinion: Trust Me, You're Gonna Need It.*

So you consider yourself a laid-back person because you don’t get all riled up in discussions about social issues or potentially “inflammatory” topics. Hey, maybe you are. Maybe you’re the chillest person ever and you just don’t get bothered too easily. Or maybe you’re just an indifferent, apathetic jerk. Believe me, there's a difference between the two. 

It’s fine if you don’t wanna take to the streets with posters and angry chants. No one says you gotta be an activist. But people who pride themselves on staying out of “political conversations” are just really confused about what they should be proud of. You really shouldn’t be proud of your ability to be an apathetic bystander.

Now, that’s not to say that if you don’t know about the discussion taking place that you should start rambling on just to put your two cents in. In situations where you actually don’t know what the fuck people are talking about, then go ahead and just be an active listener or ask questions. But if you think that someone who is getting really into the conversation, someone who’s genuinely passionate about the topic at hand and wants to articulate their opinion, is too “hysterical” or “sensitive,” then you know what, fuck you. 

Don’t strive for apathy. Because apathy has never gotten jack shit done in history. Apathy is, often times (because I don’t want to generalize), the characteristic of a person who just doesn’t wanna put themselves in a sticky situation. Who is too afraid to be considered an outcast or a deviant, because they refused to buy into whatever crummy shit the “in” group was peddling. 

Then again, you can’t always put yourself in confrontations that way. There’s the need to be able to function properly and securely at your job or in your classes without being completely pushed around, disliked, or alienated. But of course, some people end up alienated or disliked without there every being a logical reason for it. And that’s where your apathy sucks: if you see that happening and choose to do nothing. 

You don’t have to always take a hardline stance on every subject that comes up in a conversation, but for fuck’s sake, read up on things, educate yourself, and get an opinion because good luck getting through your entire life being indifferent. It will end up biting you in the ass. Apathy is bullshit. I rest my case. 

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