Paul Parillo Gingers DO have sperm!*

Just when you thought the evil eugenics movement of yesteryear was stomped out of recent memory, “Cryos International” is single-handedly trying to bring it back to existence. Cryos International is the world’s largest sperm bank and provides the earth’s inhabitants with over 65% of its sperm specimens – talk about monopolizing a population! But thanks to some terrible public relations, Cryos has been all over the news with their recent decision to stop accepting red-head donations. Gingers may not have souls, but boy, oh boy do they have sperm.

 It’s hard to completely fault the hefty sperm bank for its ginger refusal – the sperm business works the same as most large economies - supply and demand are the dictators of quantity and quality.  Apparently, people around the world simply have no desire to see anymore gingers walking the streets of their hometown. I suppose I can only appeal to pop culture when imagining the reasons for people to purposely not have ginger children; fat people can lose weight, relative ugliness can be skewed by a carefully placed scarf, but there’s nothing a person can do to change their ginger pigment. And it’s that very reason I feel inclined to fight for ginger progeny (within reason of course).

 Perhaps they sometimes look sickly, and maybe catching them in a stare has remnants of some Stephen King novels from the late 80’s, and maybe it’s odd they don’t seem to have a “scent”, and maybe their pale complexion creates snow blindness in the summer, and maybe they make me question evolution; I just can’t bring myself to condemn them – especially the unborn children. It’s almost like they have to live vicariously through the labelled faults deemed by society of what is common about ginger humans; I say give the kids a chance to prove you wrong, society.

 I suppose the only way around this depressing “Huxleyesque” population concern is for Cryos International to secretly breed an army of gingers for a specifically designed mass distribution program. That way, Cryos can start accepting new donations again and simultaneously re-imagine their company not just as a sperm bank, but also an illegal ginger breeding ground. 


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