Hana Shafi The Green Monster*

What’s one of the worst things about having romantic feelings for someone? Is it having to think way harder about what to get them for their birthday? Is it the added pressure to now groom yourself and not look filthy and gross on a daily basis? Is it the fact that you think about a conversation you had with them and then go crazy just analyzing whether you said the right things? Nope. It’s the jealousy.

Almost everyone who has ever had romantic feelings in the slightest for another person has ended up feeling jealous over something or the other. Of course, there are the possessive jerks who are controlling and jealous all the time, but for most people it’s just that annoying envious feeling that pricks you every now and then and makes you feel like the most bitter loser ever.

Most of us have tried to convince ourselves that we are above that feeling. Friends might blurt out an offhand comment about how they saw so and so talking to some hottie with boobs bigger than yours at some party. But you’re above that right? You give them a nonchalant answer: “Oh whatever. I don’t care. It’s no big deal or anything...” I’ve given that answer before as well, and even had myself believing it for a little while. But then you go home and you’re in bed, alone, and that thought creeps back into your mind. Suddenly your fists are clenched and you realize that you’re giving cut-eye to the ceiling. 

The green monster has struck at last. While we may try to avoid its evil clutches, it catches up to us eventually. But while I think jealousy is inevitable, there are definitely some do’s and don’ts as to how these jealous feelings are actually handled.

Do: be aware of things. It doesn’t work to try and block it out of your mind that someone you’re into is hanging out with someone that intimidates you. It’s okay to know what’s going on through normal means. 

Don’t: become Sherlock Holmes and thoroughly investigate into the matter by stalking said hottie’s Facebook profile. Yes, I know you’re tempted to so you can scowl at their pictures, but that’s obsessive and unhealthy. And you’ll probably go insane in the process anyways.

Do: look especially sexy the next time you see them. This is more to boost your own confidence; like wearing an awesome pair of shoes that make you feel great or some sexy lingerie.

Don’t: attempt to look or act like the person you’re jealous of. I shouldn’t even have to explain why that’s a don’t. That’s immensely creepy, just no. 

Jealousy sucks. But letting it come in the way of something good sucks way more. And when all else fails, good friends, junk food, and a bottle of wine will do the trick. 

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