Hannah Star Hair of the what!?

Lying on the couch this morning in a post-drinking sloth-like stupor, I started thinking about how nice it would be for hangovers not to exist (a real ground-breaking thought, I know).

My mom suggested water; my friend suggested sweating it out at the gym; both suggestions seemed even less desirable than getting my ass off the couch. Then somebody mentioned Hair of the Dog, and was shocked that I had never heard of it. According to this wacko principle, the best way to cure a morning-after hangover is to take a shot of the same alcohol you were drinking the night before – the same alcohol that got you wasted and hung over in the first place. Seemingly counter-intuitive idea?? I think so! But according to Wikipedia, source of all my academic pursuits, there’s actually some scientific logic behind what sounds to me like one of the most nauseating prospects of all time.

Here’s what I learned: apparently, a night of heavy drinking is sort of like developing an alcohol addiction, and a hangover is actually a symptom of withdrawal. Anyways, the idea behind taking a shot mid-hangover is that you’re weaning yourself off the alcohol from which your body is experiencing withdrawal. It’s sort of like how people trying to quit smoking chew Nicorette gum. And enduring a hangover without the Hair of the Dog is sort of like getting off drugs cold turkey. A random fun fact that Wikipedia also taught me: this practise is known as the Hair of the Dog because it comes from nineteenth century England, where people treated rapid dog bites by rubbing the rabid dog’s hair into their wounds. Wow, living in nineteenth century England would have suckedeven more than having a hangover. People who swear by the Hair of the Dog say they’ve never had a hangover since they started taking morning-after shots. Intrigued, I suggested to my friends that we try it.

“The thought of drinking alcohol right now just makes me feel like I could throw up on command,” one of them grunted in response. I have to say I agree; after consuming a lifetime’s worth of tequila over the course of one night, I think the smell might have been enough to send me over the edge. There might be scientific merit behind the Hair of the Dog, but I still say that a Keeping up with the Kardashians marathon is still the best hangover cure that I know.

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