Hana Shafi Hot People Being Ugly

I can no longer watch any kind of romantic comedy, high school based comedy, or quirky underdog story anymore. And it’s not because the plot is usually cheesy and predictable, or that most romcoms are loaded with sexist jokes (though those factors don’t do much to help their case). It’s because of the sheer lack of believability when a gorgeous actor or actress is cast as the underdog, the single-for-years loner, the unpopular nerd. 

So apparently, all this person needs to do is take off their glasses or wear a dress and suddenly the unattainable dream man/woman falls into their lap. Wow thanks for the tip, why didn’t anyone tell me that when I was in high school? Apparently, contact lenses and a push-up bra would’ve made me prom queen. Yeah, right.

There are a lot of different reasons why a person may get bullied or be a social outcast, regardless of how they look. Hot chicks get hate too, usually in some form of “she’s such a slut!!!” But I have trouble believing these characters could be the loser who doesn’t get invited to all the “cool” parties, or the sad single 30-year-old who just can’t score a date, when they’re being played by some of the most attractive people in Hollywood. They put them in some dull clothes or a messy bun in an attempt to fool audiences into thinking these are the relatable, average people looking for love and acceptance just like us. But nothing about it is even remotely realistic or relatable in the slightest. How can audiences possibly garner any sympathy for this quirky, but lonely underdog-type character when in reality, they’ve got a lot more going for them then most people actually watching the movie? Am I really supposed to believe that a flawlessly beautiful, thin, upper-middle class, straight, white woman is having trouble getting the dream guy? 

Okay, I know, it’s a movie, you’re supposed to suspend your disbelief and acknowledge that the reality of the film is a fictional one. But I find suspension of disbelief mainly applies to horror, fantasies, thrillers or even ridiculous comedies that create hyperbolic situations that you couldn’t possibly find yourself in realistically. But with rom-coms and the like, it’s hardly set in any kind of major alternate reality and most of the other events of the film are plausible. 

Of course, it’d be a little awkward to post up a casting call reading “ugly people wanted to play sad loser”- not to mention, that’d be just straight up cruel. But what they can do is stop sprucing up the actors and actresses so much. Stop making their hair so goddamn shiny with perfectly set wavy curls. Give them a couple pimples, bags under their eyes, less lipgloss, something that could make me believe that this person is the underdog with unappreciated beauty. Until then, my boycott of such films will continue, and I can’t say I’m missing out anything that great anyways. 

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