L Woods The Hottest Places to Get it On this Summer

Nice weather is a total aphrodisiac. (I made this up, but I’m pretty sure.) When it’s hot out, nothing feels better than being naked. Being naked usually leads to sex, if it doesn’t, you’re doing it wrong. I’m sure some of you would prefer to get it on in the comfort of your air-conditioned home, but that is so boring! Take advantage of the nice weather while you can and try having sex in all of these places. Consider it your Summer Sex Bucket List:

The Pool: This one is obvious but it needed to be said. Doing it in the pool is awesome because you can do all of those crazy positions that you can’t do in the bedroom because you’re a weak mo’fucka. Get creative.

Trampoline: First of all, the bouncing creates an unreal rhythm and prevents you from being a total jackrabbit. Secondly, noisy springs in the middle of the night are the perfect way to piss off that neighbor who called the cops on all of your parties in high school. Finally, bouncing trampoline +boobs = perfect combination.

Bed of your Pickup: Maybe not the most comfortable place but it takes backseat sex to a whole new level.  Also it’s an unreal way to play out that cowboy fantasy that all girls have. If you don’t have a pickup truck, get one. Seriously.

Playground: Playgrounds were fun to play on as a kid, and they can still totally be fun for you now. Swing sets, slides, monkey-bars, the possibilities are almost endless. Get creative, try them all. Just maybe do this one at night when children are less likely to be around you sick fuck.

Forest: Standing up against a tree. Be one with nature or some shit.

Have fun you horny kiddies. 

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