Michael Turnbull How to escape the city when hiding a body

So you're at home relaxing and watching some show you downloaded online. As you get into the peak of the Dragon's Den deal, your door crashes open and you're surrounded by police. In the heat of the moment you miss the punchline between Kevin and Arlene, and you're on the ground with hands behind your back, feeling rather uncomfortable.

You are escorted out of your household while your mother and new husband watch in horror as you are stuffed into the back seat of a cop car. Your heart is racing, and words slip your tongue, because you have no idea what the fuck is going on.

When you arrive at the police station they pull you out of the back seat as you insist that you'll be cooperative. You are walked into the station and tossed in an empty cell. Luckily there aren't many people here tonight, so you get to sit cold and alone in your cell. This is actually refreshing; you don't think you could handle any more 'excitement.'

Eventually you are brought into a room for interrogation and the man behind the desk asks you if you are familiar with a man in the photos he is showing you. Picture after picture are dropped in front of you but his face doesn't ring a bell.
After accusations of what you have been doing for the last 48 hours, they ask you a question about your school, your work place, and why you are unemployed.

Your truthful answers don't seem to phase them as they tell you that they have reason to believe that the man in those pictures was murdered by you, and that he was the best friend of a fellow officer.

"Motherfuckers like you pay for this shit."

Why you of all people would be chosen to take the fall for this you will never understand, but no one has any way to prove your innocence. You have been studying and keeping to yourself for the last week, which you now clearly regret, and you have no alibi. Your newly formed parental unit don't really keep track of your habits since they work different hours from you, and you keep a nearly nocturnal sleep schedule. Sketchy.

The officer gives you the opportunity to explain yourself, but you know he wont believe you. I mean, hell, everything will be held against you in court.

These guys tell you that they have conclusive proof that you are gonna 'rot in jail for a long time,' and you have never seen a jail cell outside of 'The Departed.'

What the fuck do you do?

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