Hana Shafi How Great Stories Make You Feel Like Shit*

If a movie is good you have to be sad when it’s over.


And I don’t mean that the ending is necessarily sad (though I do love a good bittersweet tragic ending), but you’re sad because the story is over and now you’re back in reality and it just really sucks compared to that beautifully constructed two hour reality with flawless cinematography and carefully crafted dialogue. 


When I’m finished watching Kill BIll and I zone into the real world and realize that I have to go to work and buy cold medicine and don’t get to run around in a yellow tracksuit with a Samurai sword, my dreams get crushed a little. Or when I have yet another Lord of The Rings marathon and look around and see none of the nine members of the fellowship hanging out with me. Or even worse, when Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy was concluded this summer and I curled up into the fetal position. 


In fact, this applies to more than just movies. Good story-telling will always leave you sad after. If you’re not sad or craving more or crying because that was so wonderful and oh my god all the feels, then the storyteller has not done his or her job. This is the awesome power of storytelling and why having your head in a different world is just the way to go sometimes. 


And then of course there’s a little thing called fan fiction that allows you to continuously indulge yourself in the world of alternate realities, fantasy, and homoerotic fandoms so that you can constantly have all the feels. 


The only downside to such powerful storytelling is its ability to completely fuck up your expectations in life. Like when you go to a seedy bar/club and leave disappointed because Batman didn’t storm in to beat up a prominent member of the mob. Or when you’re walking down the street and your heart just breaks because you haven’t bumped into Tom Hardy while your hair blows majestically in the wind (this isn’t a reference to any movie - I just really want to bump into Tom Hardy while my hair blows majestically in the wind). Damn you awesome movies/books, stop making life seem so boring. 




Pin my tail and call me a donkey, that really hleped.

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