Joe Thomson I won't stand for the hardworking homeless

Did you ever come across a homeless guy really getting after it? It’s sickening. A hobo with a stronger work ethic than me is horrible for my self-esteem. Some of these guys really hustle. I remember stumbling out of my apartment at 5:57 AM one day on my way to work. Hung over. I see a pair of legs sticking out of the dumpster in my parking lot. There’s a man, in the dumpster, head first, rummaging for cans. What the fuck? What a dynamo. I’m legally retarded at 5:57 AM, He could have done my job far better than I could have. It’s such a depressing thing to see first thing in the morning.

Furthermore, I have to live with the fact that there are hobos out there that are more motivated than me. I am officially the laziest person in the world. I always thought, “ya I’m lazy, but beggars are definitely lazier than me” Not true. Also, this guy’s his own boss. He collects and sells cans. He’s an entrepreneur. His status in our society is technically higher than mine. He probably interacts with more people on a daily basis than I do in a month. He knows the guys at the beer store, hangs with other bums, fixes up a shopping cart or two, and probably springs for a hooker every fortnight. I do menial tasks and avoid other humans. I’d say he’s working the system better than I am.

I felt like telling the guy “if you can get up before six, you can probably find a job that doesn’t involve sifting through dumpsters”. But I didn’t because I had visions of him shanking me with a dirty needle. So I staggered to my job, put in a shitty 8 hours, came home, beat off and never thought about it again until now.

Also, I have seen hobos that are better looking than me. I saw a homeless guy at the beer store who looked like a young Robert Shaw. I’m pale and spindly but somehow he’s got a tan and self-confidence? He was a little grimy but unfortunately, still had more charisma than me. This needs to stop. So, if you ever see a homeless person who is better looking than you or working harder than you, feel free to ruthlessly murder them.


Not that I approve of waste, but I think it needs to be potenid out that food is not in short supply. It really isn't, at least not now. We have much more than enough food available to feed everyone on the planet. What usually keeps people starving isn't because someone else *wasted* food, or that there wasn't enough to go around it is much more like locking up the McFlippin's discards so the hobos can't eat them. There are plenty of people willing to let food rot(usually in transport ships) rather than give it away for free. It is used as a tool of control either as leverage over people, or as an outright means of killing them.Doesn't mean that waste isn't a bad idea(it is, but for other reasons). But I more and more see food shortages and starvation hell, poverty in general not as a product of scarcity, but as something purposefully employed as a weapon or tool of control. Food not bombs indeed. Yes, scarcity still can and is a problem, but it is sometimes depressing to realize it is far from the *biggest* problem. Too often, when someone has more than enough food available to them and someone else has none, they will refuse to give that food away not because they are wasteful, but because giving something away for free is nearly an offensive concept to them and, of course, because when you start giving things away for free, coercion becomes much harder.

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