Michael Turnbull I'm Like totally crushing

So there was this girl in grade nine, my first ever bonafied friend. She was cute, smart, and played guitar: what was not to love?

What I didn't realize was that I was totally infatuated with her, even though I had no actual knowledge of it. See, I was a stupid boy in high school, and no matter how hard girls tried, and try they did, I had no idea that they liked me, or that I liked them. I was like a wandering vacuous hole of emotion, oblivious to myself and others.

I remember when we used to play pen sports, or skip lunch together. I remember when she first started dating and came to me for advice. I remember being the friend, the guy with a shoulder to cry on.

In those days it was good; I had no idea I was being lead on, and truthfully, I don't think she knew she was leading me on either. It was just pure unadulterated attraction which brought together a solid platonic relationship under the pretense that I not realize I had a dick.

In the years following we occasionally ran into each other at parties and reminisced on days past and talked about our separate futures, but I will never forget that pure wonder of just being together. One day I'll find it again.

Here's hoping I don't become too jaded.

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