Michael Turnbull Indie Music is a lying sack of shit

The indie music industry has been successfully lying to us for many years. The independent music producer is no longer the starving artist, she's a well dressed savant who knows what labels need her vision of independent genius.

Music is no longer for the sake of music. It's for the dirty money. Rap has known this for years and constantly preaches about the wonders of being wealthy. Why have ONE car when you can have twelve? A house for every mistress, a pair of sneakers for each day of the year. Though the message or medium may not sit well with many, the underlying tones of rap ring so sweetly to the struggling class of society. Don't struggle, hustle. The money you gain is only for the benefit of you and your peers. The more money you have, however you have achieved it, the more money you spend. Spending money creates jobs, empowers the working class, and helps those who are struggling by giving them hope.

Like Jay Z says 'But all the hustlers they love it just to see one of us make it.'

Indie music though, they're willing to pull the money from your cold dead mother's hands if they have to. They even push the idea that becoming 'mainstream' (probably the most hated word in all of the rock industry) is a good thing, but not because you make money, no. It's a good thing because you can spread the art man, ya know, fuckin, teach people.

Try convincing Emily Haines that her 'message' would help more people if she refrained from payment. She'd fucking stab you, then do a line off your ass.

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