Hana Shafi The Ipod Addiction

I am addicted to my Ipod. 

My dependence on always having my Ipod and a good pair of headphones on me started in high school when my walk home became a 30 minute uphill trek. Now, I can’t even fathom the idea of the long and torturous bus commute, plus walking to wherever I’m supposed to be. 

With the appreciation of listening to all the great tunes aside, my addiction to my Ipod has to do with the fact that going anywhere without it means I have to spend my entire trip thinking. Thinking and thinking and thinking, until I’m over-thinking. And anyone who does the same knows that over-thinking pretty much ruins all the good things in life.

Starting my day with silence means I have to think about the early morning class I’ve got to haul my ass too, the boring work shift I have after, recent romantic fuck-ups, arguments with family members, and what the hell am I gonna wear to so and so’s thing. Anyone who’s as susceptible to stress and chronic anxiety like I am knows that even the most trivial of thoughts can somehow accumulate into this overwhelming monster that leaves you mentally and physically deteriorated. My headphones blaring good songs into my ears is the most accessible distraction I can get; having to hear the sound of motors, cars honking, and people chattering isn’t particularly soothing to the anxious mind. I prefer the White Stripes. Fuck, I’ll even take some crappy radio top 40 list over anxiety. 

Not to mention, having a badass playlist as the soundtrack of your life is pretty amazing. Why buy a coffee in silence when you can buy a coffee while listening to Azealia Banks? Now you’re not just any caffeine-addicted sucker, you’re a vamp badass bitch caffeine-addicted sucker. Plus you can angrily push doors open and pout while you dramatically walk places and who doesn’t love that?

For some, the idea of being left alone with their own thoughts is nightmarish. Music can be a hugely effective relief to that, though not a foolproof cure unfortunately. Even so, the healing power of music is my justification for my addiction to my Ipod and the reason why my friends are used to me slipping on my headphones and going into my dream world even when they’re on the bus with me (what? we’ll talk after I need my quality music-listening bus time). So if you ever see me doing an angry, pouty walk down the street, you’ll know I have a good reason for doing so. 

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