L Woods Kink is now casual

Fetishes used to be considered taboo and were generally kept under wraps except for when you were either watching porn alone or having awesome sex with someone who was willing to go along with your kinky desires. Of course, there’s always the combination of those two scenarios, which is even better. Regardless, your bedroom habits weren’t being advertised to the world because they were considered private and probably a little bit shameful and embarrassing.

Apparently nowadays, kinky sex is not only the new norm, but also a perfectly acceptable subject to discuss in public. I learned this when I read last month’s issue of Glamour Magazine. (All girls are allowed to have one junky, girly magazine that they read.) I bought it hoping to learn what new shoes I should buy for Spring, but instead learned that I’m apparently the only person who isn’t having sex with their significant other in front of a webcam for the world to watch. As I was reading the article called “Is Everybody Kinky Now?” I was surprised about how open people were and how willing they were to share their most illicit desires with an internationally published magazine. Isn’t the real appeal to fetishes the fact that they’re somewhat forbidden or socially unacceptable, and are supposed to be like a dirty little secret between you and the one you’re spanking/tying up/peeing on?

Kink has now become casual, and it seems as though people are willing to tell anyone and everyone what dirty deeds they’re into. It’s no longer reserved for behind closed doors. I wouldn’t be surprised if people are now introducing themselves like: “Hi, I’m L Woods. My interests include avocados, bulldogs, and light bondage.” How unfortunate that anyone who still gets excited by plain old Missionary, Girl-on-Top, or Doggie-Style is labeled as boring, or a prude. Getting to the Reverse-Cowgirl stage of a relationship should still be exciting and kind of a big deal, not just another Tuesday. For the most part, sex is going to be good no matter what you do, and obviously every person has their own unique turn-ons, but it definitely says something about our society if we’re willing to talk about them so openly with strangers. Call me old-fashioned but I feel as though the only people who need to know all the dirty details about your sex life are you and the one you’re banging, and obviously your three best friends at breakfast the next morning.

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