L Woods L Woods Wants to Know: Girl’s Apartments.

Any and all girly magazines like to give out tips on how a girl can keep her apartment “male-friendly.” These tips are supposed to help girls decorate their places in a way that makes a man want to stay and hangout, rather than escape to safety as soon as possible.

Personally, I hate reading those articles. (Though, I do. I always do.) I think the tips are ridiculous. Switch to bar soap? Avoid pink? Learn to make a good steak? None of those are okay with me. The way I see it, your home is just that – your home. You are the one who has to live in it, you have to come home to it everyday, and you have to clean it! You should decorate your home in a way that keeps you comfy and happy.

My own apartment has beer in the fridge, baseball and hockey jerseys in the closet, and a selection of hockey-themed coffee mugs to drink out of. It also has a closet entirely filled with shoes, two adorable teddy bears on the bed, and enough scented candles to last me a lifetime.

I guess by Cosmo’s standards (LOL) I’m going to be single forever.

So, my lovely gentlemen, I’m curious: what do you absolutely hate about your girlfriend’s apartment? What girly things freak you out? Or do you even notice?

Ladies – do you do things to keep your place “male-friendly”? Or do you go all out girly with a pink shower curtain and floral bed sheets?

Let me know in the comment box below!




I have a poster in my room that bluntly states "I like dogs better than people" and frankly, if they don't think I'm crazy after that I'm more than okay with it.
P.s. great piece Kailey :)

Those life motivation posters the ones with the painfully obvious, go reach for the stars riding a unicorn, you can do it sort of statement, with a picture of someone doing something awesome. If i wake up every morning to this failed so far gone the other way attempt at self resolution and fulfilment; one of two things will happen, I will question my sanity for sleeping with her more then once, but only after questioning her about her lack of indignation and resolve; prompting the purchase of such an abhorrent piece of trashy vindication of societally standard life goals.

Long and short, as long as you are comfortable in your home and I like you, then I will be fine with it! If your choice of decor is a overwhelming collection of dolls individually dressed and arranged then that is no fault of yours; just mine for ending up there ( and I probably saw it coming). Unfortunately there is few or no warning for those horrid self motivational posters.

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