L Woods L Woods Wants to Know: Thong or Booty Shorts?

I recall reading an article somewhere, quite recently, about the demise of the thong. Apparently, booty shorts are now all the rage. As a big-bootied blonde, I am all about anything that is going to accentuate my behind and make it more attractive to the one lucky enough to be squeezing it. (Of course, daily jogs, squats, and lunges will keep your bootay looking sexy no matter what you’re wearing so work those buns ladies!)

In my experience, different guys have different preference when it comes to lingerie. Some like as little material as possible down there, just enough to cover the ladybits but leaving the ass available for grabbing (or spanking.) This of course makes the g-string the obvious choice. Then there are those who love how cute your little cheeks look when they’re peeking out from under a pair of bikini briefs or booty shorts.

So, my lovely gentlemen, let me know! Do you have a preference when it comes to what your girl is wearing under her jeans? Or are you the kind of guy who takes no notice because it’s all coming off anyway?

Ladies – what about you? What do you prefer to wear? What does your boyfriend prefer?


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