L Woods L Woods Wants to Know: What’s Your Type?

You men are wonderful but mysterious creatures. Some things about you are pretty straight forward, such as grumpiness being caused by a lack of food or sex. Other things you say or do remain completely mind-boggling.

As a part of my plan to becoming the world’s greatest man-whisperer, and in an effort to get to know you readers better to decide which of you I want to date, (win a date with L Woods, anyone?) I want to ask you a bunch of questions.

There’s no particular theme or pattern to my questions, just whatever happens to pop into my little blonde head. Basically I’m super nosy and just want to know everything about everyone! So, my loves, feel free to leave your answer in the comment box at the bottom of the page and I’ll give you all kisses. 

My first question for ya’ll is:

Do you have a type? If so, what is it?

Describe your fantasy girl or guy! What is the usual look or personality type you go for? Nerdy chick? Scene girls? Cute blondes? [Bonus points if you go for that last one. ;)] Tell me what really makes your jeans tight. Ladies, chime in too because I know ya’ll have a certain type of guy you go for.

In case you were curious, I have more than one type.

I immediately check out any guy wearing a backwards hat who looks like he just stepped off the ice. Bonus points for the hockey-player flow that I just want to run my fingers through. (Read: pull. Hard.)

That being said, I’d totally ditch the jock guy for the guy who looks like he belongs in a hard-core band. I can’t say no to a guy with a Mohawk, facial piercings, and tattoos.

Finally, no guy, not even the jock or the musician, gets me going like a big, burly ginger a la Scott Hartnell of the PHL Flyers. His twitpics leave me seriously hot and bothered.


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