Michael Turnbull Life Needs more happy endings

My friend's birthday is coming up, and he was telling about how a buddy of ours offered to go with him for a massage.

Immediately, I asked "with a happy ending?" I'm so witty sometimes.

Truthfully, I'd love a regular massage. My shoulders are sore as fuck and I have some hardcore neck tightness. But the idea of getting "a massage" is so strongly linked with the concept of a "happy ending" that I'd feel weird telling people about it.

"I went for a massaged the other day, and it was amazing. I feel fantastic."
"Oh, I bet you do ;)"

Goddammit! It certainly doesn't help that the entire world seems to agree with me. To test my theory, I googled "Massage Toronto" and my first result was "Exotic Erotic Massage Toronto." The site had a roster of ladies which you could view, so that when you went for your massage, you could request which attendant you wanted. Hot.

I read some reviews of other parlors online, and there were several by women who got a happy ending with the help of a buff male masseuse too. So my question is, if it's so fucking easy for massages to offer "happy endings," why stop there? I mean, a massage is a pleasant experience on its own: why not alleviate boring tasks with some happy finish treatment?

At this dental office, we pull more than teeth.

Mr. Lube: when you need to change your "oil."

Subway: Eat healthy, burn calories.

It's not prostitution...it's a happy ending. And who doesn't love happy


That would depend on the conutry and location of the spa.Some places have no licensing requirements and some places are very strict.Some countries use massage spas as a front for prostitution and some countries do not.I suppose you would have to survey the places that use a license and see how many are revoked for misconduct to get a percentage.

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