L Woods Lingerie & Other Shallow Indulgences

Listen, ladies, it’s about time you got your priorities straight. It pains me to see girls spending money on “important” things like groceries and bills while their panty drawers and beauty routines go neglected, week after week. There are more important things in life than going to bed feeling satisfied after eating a hearty meal. Example: going to bed a bit hungry but feeling pretty in a new, lace nightie.

That whole opening paragraph probably sounded sarcastic however anyone who knows me knows that it was anything but. I am the self-proclaimed queen of lingerie. I own every style, every color, and every cut that works for my body type…plus a few more that might not flatter me the best but I bought them anyway because I cannot turn down a gorgeous piece of lingerie. I am willing to go hungry for a week in order to buy my weekly quota of new bras. I’m addicted and I cannot be stopped.

You should be too. You don’t need to be in a relationship or having regular sex in order to buy lingerie. It’s a complete myth that girls buy all this gorgeous stuff strictly to keep their man happy. Sure, if he likes it, then go ahead! Buy some pretty, lacey things to wear for him. Don’t be upset if he takes it off the minute you lay down on the bed though. Generally most guys just want what’s underneath and don’t realize that they’re supposed to take a while to admire you in the tiny pieces of material that you just spent big bucks on.

Buy it for yourself first and foremost. You might feel silly spending money on something sexy that maybe no one will ever see, but it’s one of the best things you can do for your body and self esteem. If you generally spend most of your spare time sitting on your bed in sweatpants, mindlessly browsing the internet, change. Because that sucks. You’re so much fucking hotter than that.

If you have time to waste, at least waste it making yourself pretty rather than constantly reblogging photographs that you didn’t even take. [Exception: SANS Magazine, ALWAYS make time to read SANS.] Put on your favorite sexy stuff, find those smelly lotions that you never use, and just fucking lay there feeling glamorous. Light some scented candles, listen to some Mumford and Sons, and just be your sexy self. I don’t even have internet in my apartment. My home is a place of pure indulgence, and I fully intend on keeping it that way.

We should all be a little bit self-indulgent every once in a while – and by that I mean for at least an hour every day. Your body is your temple and you deserve to be the hottest version of yourself at all times. Once this fucking NHL lockout is over you better believe I can be found laying in bed watching a double-header, night after night, smelling fantastic and wearing something slinky just for the hell of it.

Because I am L Woods and that is how I roll.


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