Michael Turnbull Local Hooligan Magazine Gets Kicked out of The Colonel

We here at Sans enjoy some of the finer things in life.
Whether it be hitch hiking, enjoying a pleasant shower romp, or converting that last 'friend-zoned' kid into gold for your sex life, we try our best to keep it fresh.

Sometimes keeping it fresh means getting together and having a nice warm coffee amoungst friends. Sometimes it just means getting really, really sloppy at some bar you've never been to on the eve of the long weekend.

On that note, for anyone in Toronoto that is interested in doing something fun this evening, come on out to "No One Writes to the Colonel" 460 College Street, Toronto. We're gonna be there all night trading war stories and remeniscing about the summer gone by.

If you have the balls, and love mojitos, tag along, we'd love to have you out.

Now I'm going to stop be flowery and crack my first drink, it's already waaay past 10am.

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