Hana Shafi Loner Pride*

After colossal shit tons of work and stress, you finally have some free time. Hooray! Time to party!! Except that the universe has decided to shit on you and make it so that the one time when you’re free, everyone else is busy.

Maybe everyone else is working, on vacation, or just generally having a life while you mope around in your bedroom thinking about how much of a loner you are. But instead of deciding to sink into a corner and eat Cheetos for the next four to six hours (unless that’s your thing), go out and do things, BY YOURSELF.

Yeah, that’s right. All by yourself. To extroverts like myself, this thought can be horrifying. Running errands by yourself is one thing, but actually going out and having a life on your own? Impossible! Nope, it’s possible, trust me.

This summer I made it my goal to enjoy alone time, because whether you like it or not, alone time is sometimes gonna be a lot of your time. I did something that makes a lot of people cringe. I went to a sit-down restaurant by myself. And guess what, it was fucking awesome.

I felt like a boss. Truly. The only thing that slightly killed my buzz was that later that day a rusty staple somehow founds its way into my shoes and stabbed my foot (it was fucked up). But besides that, my revolutionary day by myself opened me up to the possibilities of awesome alone time. Before this revelation, alone time had meant being a hermit and watching sad and potentially disturbing movies. But suddenly, alone time meant I could pretty much do almost anything I wanted.

You can start by leaving your house. And take a book. And if you wanna read that book, don’t just go to Starbucks. Find somewhere a little more interesting to read that book. Even choose a coffee shop other than Starbucks, because familiar settings will just bore you. After you chill a bit with your trusty book, your brain will start figuring out what it feels like doing. It may not turn out to be your most exciting day, but you’ll feel kind of badass that you were able to have some loner times that actually involved you leaving your home and experiencing life. 

Give it a try and you won’t regret it. Unless of course a rusty staple happens so stab your foot as well (I hope you have your tetanus shot). Hey, at least you’ll have a good story to tell. Happy loner times my friends!

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